Thursday, March 11, 2010

March BINGO!

Last night was March BINGO. The island is very quiet in March and it was a very quiet BINGO but still very fun. Jorgie was the host and although she said she was "very nervous" she gave the opening speech clearly and calmly. 

The prizes all had a "St. Patty's" theme and were pretty darn goofy... see pictures for more details!

First game called by Miss Jorgie!

T-Dog with some stylish glasses! 

Muffy was a big winner... she won the LARGE drinking glass (for green water of course) and the big green shamrock earrings.

Never too old to call a BINGO game! 

Arlo's turn to call.

Quinny checking Kathie's cards! SHE WON THREE GAMES! We think she was channeling 
Billy B.

Oh Kathie, you look fabulous!

Quinny sporting some of the prizes. 

Lisa won the shamrock headband. I mean really, who doesn't need a shamrock headband?

Focusing hard!

I have to say, I think Quinn is the most entertaining caller... he is just so goofy!

Checking Travis's cards!

Quinn was pumped because Travis won the prize HE wanted!

Dalton calling the final round!

And the March BINGO champion is FRANK BRUCKMANN! The luck of the Irish was with him last evening! Congratulations Frank and thanks everyone for a fun BINGO!

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