Saturday, March 6, 2010

Sugarloaf Trip: Day 2

Day two is what we all had been waiting for... SKIING!! (and snowboarding for Gabe!) This year the kids were signed up for lessons which we have never done before. My dad and I had been the teachers in the past and although it was effective, it seemed like the kids were ready to take their abilities to the next level... and boy did they!

All geared up and ready to get on the mountain!

This was Jorgie's first time on skis... I am not sure what she was thinking of all of this!

Ready to head down to lessons!

We first went to "Guest Services" to sing a thank you song to the fantastic staff there who helped make this trip happen!

Passing the kids off to the ski school folks for the day!

Then it was time for the chaperones to ski around and spy on the kids in their lessons! We first spotted Arlo in his one-on-one lesson! Look at that form!

Then we found Jorgie! Her instructor couldn't believe this was her first time on skis!

She was a natural and she looks like she is having one heck of a time.

Arlo met up with us for a run down "The Landing."

Then we found Quinny! We got to go up the chair together while he was in his lesson! He was having a blast!

And along with Quinn we found Daltini. Now this kid can ski! 

The boys in their lesson.

Good form Quinn! Quinn's confidence this year quadrupled from last year! I was SO proud of him!

While spying on the kids I got to try out on of the Maine Handicap Ski equipment... the ski bike! It was AWESOME and the kids did not know what to think with their teacher zooming around on this thing!

Let me say, it was harder to use then it looks!

The chaperones got to make a run to the top of the mountain while the kids finished up their lessons.

We finally found Gabe in his lessons... he is the tallest one in the group!

He just has that snowboarder look.
Last run of the day with Dalton... our traditional "on the chairlift" shot.

Dalton was OBSESSED with skiing this year. It made my skiing heart happy!

After a long day on the mountain we headed to the ever famous "Rack" for a (root)beer and some grub.

Root beer... I swear.

Exhausted but SO happy.

Posing with the Seth Wescott banner! You are looking at future winter olympians right here!

We ended day two back at the cabin with a study hour, some game playing, puppy snuggling and EARLY bed! We could not WAIT to get back on the mountain for our last day of skiing!

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  1. Wow - what a great trip! You can see the newly-developed confidence in their faces on the last day! Well done, guys!
    (Donna's cousin)