Saturday, March 6, 2010

Sugarloaf Trip: Day 1

Sugarloaf... the trip we wait all year for and from all accounts "it was the best one ever!" I knew the trip was "blog material," but I have to break it up by days because we took SO many pictures (it is kind of ridiculous!)

So, Day 1: We ended up leaving a day later than planned. This is our third trip to Sugarloaf and EVERY trip weather has not cooperated and caused us to either be delayed or forced to come back early. This year was no different. We left Tuesday morning and heading to our destination: the mountain of SUGAR! But first, some pit stops...

Waving goodbye to parents and community members! We wish we could take everyone with us!

The Monhegan Ski Club... can you see the joy in (most) of our faces?

First pit stop was "The Granary" in Farmington for some grub! Any place that has smiley fries is as good as gold in our book!

Plus, they had an arcade!

AND air hockey... seriously!? Can't get better than this!

Next stop... RENY'S! We got to pick out a new puzzle for school! I love taking my kids to my old stomping grounds (Farmington!).

Then off to the Farmington Health and Fitness Center for a little B-Ball.

Muffy was on duty while, I grocery shopped for the trip! Brilliant plan I must say.

I think they were just ready to get to Sugarloaf!

We finished day 1 at the cabin where we met up with my father, Paul and step-mother, Sheila. 

To the kids delight... the family dogs Katie and Bella also joined our brood!

Picking out bed in the "bunk room".

How pumped was Jorgie that she got a top bunk!?

"Chillin" at the cabin before dinner.

Bella and Quinny.

Dalton teaching Sheila some cribbage.

How great is it for the teacher to have her family come along for a field trip!

DINNER TIME! Spaghetti, salad, and garlic bread! YUM!

Happy eaters.

After dinner study hour... new thing this year and I thought it was great!

A little writer's workshop happening in the bunk room!

Jorgie, Bella, and I getting some work done.

After study hour it was time for dessert and darts.

We took the puppies lead and started getting ready for bed.

The sooner we go to bed... the sooner it is time for SUGARLOAF!

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