Saturday, March 6, 2010

Sugarloaf Trip: Day 3

Our last day of the trip was awesome! We had a full day of skiing on the mountain. The kids got to free ski all day. There were certain trails they were allowed to ski on their own, which of course they thought was awesome! The adults took turns skiing with different kids. I could not get over how confident and skilled these kids were on the mountain. 

I got to start the day off skiing the upper part of the mountain with Dalton. He looked like he had been skiing all of his life. He could keep up with my dad, which is quite the feat and even my dad was blown away by Dalton's confidence and ability! I ended the morning skiing a few runs with Gabe and Quinn. I think Gabe learned a lot from his boarding lessons, but the poor old guy was pretty sore from a few falls he had taken the day before. I was blown away by the improvements Quinn had made. Last year I could hardly get him to leave the bunny-slopes and this year he had taken over the lower part of the mountain! He made great turns and had some great falls, but kept a great big smile on the entire time! 

In the afternoon I got to ski with Jorgie and watch my father ski with Arlo. For two kids that had never skied before, these kids have some raw talent. Jorgie is a turning queen and was already skiing upper trails on her second day! And although Arlo had a need for speed, my dad was able to get him turning and learning how to balance his weight more and have more control when heading down the hill! I couldn't get over how awesome all of the kids were. Okay, I may be bias, but they were totally the best skiers EVER!

Last day... and they're OFF!

From left to right.. Arlo, Jorgie, Quinn, and Dalton!

Gabe was holding up the rear on his board! He was one cool dude!

Quinn was playing some follow the leader with my dad.

A snow covered tree at the top of the mountain! It reminded me of something out of Dr. Suess!

Dalton and Paul... in front of a double black diamond trail! Next year Dalton will be ready for it!

Quinny coming out of Moose Alley, one of his favorite trails.

Arlo and Paul on the chair lift. Paul is giving a mini-lesson of some sort.

Jorgie looking good coming down the mountain.

Lunch break. Need to fuel up for the afternoon.

Lots of eating on this trip.

Back on the mountain! Jorgie was cutting it up.

Paul getting Arlo to make turns! If anyone can do it my father can.

Jorgie and I's photo shoot on the chairlift. 

Our silly photo!

Look at those "pizza slices."

Daltini after his "yard sale." He was in great spirits.

Snowy trees on the way to the TOP of the mountain.

Getting higher.

Dalton at the top of Sugarloaf!

Gorgeous view.

Back at the ski lodge... Gabe was taking care of Miss Bella Bear.

Last run of the day with Arlo.

Paul showed the kids how he uses the sit down ski.

Heading down Moose Alley for the last time.

Flying down the mountain.

Looking kind of sad that our day is almost done.

Time to say goodbye to Paul!

We sure do love Paul!
Traditional picture in front of the Sugarloaf competition center!


Thanks to everyone who helped make this trip possible... especially our school board, school parents, the Maine Handicap  Ski Program, Winter Kids Program, and Sugarloaf Guest Services!!! (WE LOVE YOU KIM!)

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