Saturday, February 5, 2011

February Field Trip!

Our lack of blogging last week was due to the fact that we were on a pretty crazy field trip that ended up getting even crazier! Just the fact that we were trying to tack a field trip off island in February was crazy enough BUT a field trip off island to go to other islands in the dead winter is just down right insane... but that's how we roll.

Our original plan for our trip was to travel off island on Monday and travel on the Sunbeam for the week while they went on their telemedicine trip! We were planning on visiting Frenchboro, then Isle Au Haut, and finally Matinicus! We were excited to visit all the different schools and do work with them on some of our collaboration projects! BUT when does an island school field trip ever go according to plan!?

Monday we DID get to North East Harbor and stayed on the Sunbeam overnight! We also went to this AWESOME movie theatre that serves pizza in Bar Harbor! SO good! Tuesday morning we woke up on the Sunbeam... and of course started the day with some poker!

After poker we had breakfast! Thank goodness Angela sent us with homemade bagels! We lived off them all week long!

Inside the Sunbeam! I wish we could have school on this boat every day!

The Sunbeam left North East Harbor Tuesday morning and headed to Frenchboro for the first leg of our trip! Quinn fit in a little morning nap before arriving on Frenchboro!

Frenchboro ahead!

When we arrived on Frenchboro a whole truck load of kids greeted us... literally!
How's THAT for a welcome wagon!

And speaking of welcomes... look at these FABULOUS signs made for us!

In the morning we joined Frenchboro for their math class and we got to compare math programs.

In the afternoon we joined the school for PE class! The boys were PUMPED to use all of their amazing hockey equipment!

Hockey is a BIG deal on Frenchboro. I think we (meaning the boys) represented Monhegan well!

Brother and brother head off!

The storm had already started at this point, which made playing hockey pretty interesting!

After we got back and dried off we did some Improv activities!

We played some of our favorite games... "Freeze Frame", "Party Quirks", "Get My Attention", and my personal favorite "The Question Game!"

These kids are pee your pants funny!

At the end of our time with Frenchboro my guys got to share their business plans with the Frenchboro kids!

What a difference it makes to do projects when you KNOW you get to present it to other students!

Once we got back on the Sunbeam we got the official news that the rest of our trip on the Sunbeam was canceled due to the storm! We were headed back to North East Harbor... and we had to figure out what to do next...

The kids were pretty bummed out that we were not going to make it to Isle au Haut and Matinicus...

But gradually their spirits lifted...

Especially when I told them that I contacted our good friends at Islesford School and they said we could come stay with them for the rest of our trip!

Then their spirits just got plain silly!

So we stayed Tuesday night on the Sunbeam and then first thing Wednesday morning we took the Islesford Ferry over to our home away from home... Islesford!

Here is Quinn on the Islesford boat... showing that so far on this trip we had to pack and unpack our luggage 3 times!

On the way to Islesford the ferry we stopped at Great Cranberry to pick up some of the school kids to go to Islesford... boy were they surprised (and happy) to see us!

We were excited to surprise the rest of the kids!

This is Dalton's version of hiding to surprise everyone!

Once everyone got to school it was time to DANCE!

And of course the "too cool for school" middle schoolers don't dance. Whatever.

But this first grader looks super cool busting a move.

Down to business. Since we were all together we took the opportunity for the kids to meet with some of the members of their virtual book groups. Above is group 4, also known as "The Peace Enforcing Super Surfing Radio Active Ninja Puppies."

And here is two members of book group 3, now known as "Mini Lolipopkinz Adventurers wearing Moccasins"

During our book work the "littles" came in to survey us with some questions for their math project. What a cute interrupted.

Then it was time to work on our science projects!

Hard at work.

While the olders were working hard the littles were in the next room having a read aloud.
Soooooo cute.

On Wednesday afternoon we had a "snow day" at school because of the storm. We had a sing along!

And then partner reading!

We just LOVE this school.

On Thursday morning we shared our business plans with Islesford.

And then the kids had one more romp outside before it was time to head back to the mainland!

We sure do love this school!

Then it was on yet another boat... back to North East Harbor.

Five time of packing and unpacking!

We left North East Harbor and drove to Rockland where we stayed at Anne's... what is the best part of staying at Anne's... THE DOGS!!!! Oh, and seeing Anne of course!

Thursday night we watched some movies and did some homework. Dalton was not a fan of Quinn's movie choice.

Friday morning... get to go home... SEVEN times of packing and unpacking! I think we set a record.

Good try Quinny.

Overall it was a crazy but awesome... crazy awesome field trip! Thanks to everyone who made it possible!

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