Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Virtual Reading Groups!

Yes, that is right... we are doing some more online collaboration! Are you surprised?! Currently both boys are in "online book clubs" with other island students. The great thing is that both of the boys are in different clubs with kids in their own grade levels!

Dalton is in a book club that is being led by the fantastic teacher on Matinicus and is reading the book "Trouble" by Gary Schimt. He has four other students from Iselsford and Matinicus in his group!

Poor Quinny is in my group and we are reading "Walk Two Moons" by Sharon Creech! We have three other students in our group... one from Islesford, one from Matinicus, and one from Cliff Island!

All of our book groups have a group "wiki" where the students go every week to get their reading assignments, participate in online discussion forums, and post their work for the group members to see and comment on! We also have skype meetings once a week to discuss the book with our group! It is so refreshing to read a book with a "large" group of kids and by large I mean four kids! Woohoo!

I am hoping that we have these book groups for the rest of the year! So much fun!

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