Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Island 2 Island Poetry!

We started in on a poetry unit yesterday. First let me tell you that the boys have kind of had a fear of poetry in the past, which is ironic because they are fantastic writers but I think the idea of actually sitting down and LEARNING about poetry was just not very appealing...

BUT that has all changed because of our new project...

We have started a poetry wiki to share our poetry with other islands. We began our work yesterday with Frenchboro... and hopefully we will get other islands involved too!

We used the Tanberg to meet with Frenchboro and their teacher, Ms. Finn, taught us a great lesson about the Haikus!

She sent us a powerpoint to follow while she spoke... (technology meet technology!)

After our lesson all of the students went on our new poetry wiki and practiced writing Haiku called "Who Am I." The Haikus had to give clues about a person, place, or thing without saying who or what it is! The kids posted their haikus and then posted on eachother's poems to guess who they were writing about.

Can you figure out who Dalton is writing about in this haiku?

Slithering green scales
Slide against the muddy earth
Waiting for the mouse

What about this one from Quinn...

used to be a star
governor of sunny state
I will be back.....later

After one hour we posted over 30 Haikus! Holy Moly!

It was a great lesson and we loved working with Frenchboro! Can't wait until our next poetry sesh...

I think I see a virtual "poetry slam" in our future!
(insert snapping figures)

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