Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Update and Special Message...

So, this week the boys are in Alaska visiting their dad and step-mom and I am inshore doing some school observations and attending some meetings and being all professional-like. The school dog is traveling well but she misses her island! AND I MISS MY STUDENTS!

But more importantly, today is a VERY special day... 11 years ago today Quinn Alexander Burroughs came into this crazy world! I bet he came in with all the style and wiggles as he still has today!

Happy Birthday Quinny! :)

Hope it was a great day!


  1. Jessie, I stumbled onto your blog while searching the Internet for information on the novel "Touch Blue". I am a 4th grade teacher in Indiana and would love to contact you via email, to ask you questions about your school. I was excited to see your "golden" student, Millie. So sorry about Maya's passing. I lost my beloved 9 1/2 year old golden, Sophie, last summer, and our Mollie passed away the day before school started in 2009. We now have 2 golden sisters, age 19 months. If you can email me, I would love to hear from you. My email address is Lhagee@mcsc.k12.in.us. I don't have a school blog, but here is the link to my personal blog: www.kickisup.blogspot.com. Looking forward to hearing from you. Lori Hagee

  2. Jessie--Although I am fairly new to the blogging world, I have been following your blog for several months, and I enjoy it immensely. The other day, someone who has visited me often in the three weeks since I have been blogging was kind enough to give me a Stylish Blogger award. I am passing one on to you in admiration of the work that you do, and in appreciation for being one of my inspirations for starting my own blog. Here is what I said about you in my last post:

    for her blog about teaching in the one room schoolhouse on Monhegan Maine--a small island 10 miles off the coast with a winter population of about 60 fisherfolk. Her inventiveness at teaching, her use of technology, her dog(s), and her obvious fondness for her students (this year only two, who are brothers) are all a breath of fresh air and very worthy of commendation.

    You probably have received one of these before. Each person who receives one of these is asked to do three things: 1. link back to the person who sent it to you in a post on your blog. 2. Choose 5 other blogs to pass the award on to and post on your blog. 3. Write 7 things about yourself and post these on your blog.

    I know this is not the nature of your blog, so you may not want to do these things and break your rhythm. However, I did want to let you know how much I have enjoyed your posts, and wanted to encourage others to visit you.

    ;o) mike at spindrift,maine