Wednesday, February 9, 2011

German Public Broadcasting Network!

We had a few visitors after school on Tuesday from the German Public Broadcasting Network. They had come to the island to film part of their documentary about small communities and wanted to stop by the school and film us working. I did not want them coming in during school hours because we had a LOT of work to do and did not need another distraction... but when they offered to come after school and the boys and parents were okay with it I gave in.

They only asked us a few questions and of course they fell in love with Millie so hopefully she will be a big star. But the best part was that they let the boys play around with their filming equipment!

Lights! CAMERA! Action!

Dalton looked like a natural.

Quinny too!

Overall it felt like a fun and easy experience.
We will see what the final film looks like and then fully decide!

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