Thursday, May 10, 2012

Garden Day!

In honor of May and all this stinkin' rain we have been getting we had a "garden day" share time for our TLC youngers last week.

Unfortunately Margaret was not in school on Garden Day so Quinn said he would "stand in" for her. The kids were suppose to dress in their best garden outfits (I was thinking flowers, veggies, and fruit) but after Quinn sifted through our "dress-up" box this was the best "garden-garb" he could come up with. He called himself a "New Yorker Farmer." Oh man.

The rest of the youngers look fabulous in their garden outfits... there was lots of green, yellow, pink, and brown clothes!

I was excited I got to wear my apple shirt for garden day!

The kids took turns sharing what they like to grow (and/or eat from the garden!)

Quinn tried to explain her garden outfit... of course the youngers loved it.

This younger at the Ashley Bryan school brought in a sweet little bunny to share for Garden Day!

What a lovely garden sweater Ms. Donna had on!

Ms. Heidi looked like a walking garden!

I think the teachers often have more fun dressing up then the kids!

Here is all the fun we had during our garden day!

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