Friday, May 11, 2012

Our Virtual Inter-Island Poetry Slam! Yeah!!!

The day had finally came for our FIRST EVER Virtual Inter-Island Poetry Slam!!!! As you can imagine and know from our blog posts we have been preparing for this day for MONTHS! The olders from Monhegan and the Ashley Bryan School had written, styled, and practiced their poems together and were ready to perform in front of an audience! 

Here is our Monhegan audience! Super proud!

We had made a "Noise-o-meter" to judge the kids by the audience response! Let me just say... all of the kids poems caused the roof to BLOW!!!

This was a pretty cool moment in terms of our collaboration between island schools. It was the first time we ever had an inter-island "dramatic" performance where the kids were partnered with other students on other islands! AND it was the first time we had family and community members from different islands on the Tanberg as an audience! I really think we could have made history... the first-ever VIRTUAL poetry slam. I am just so proud of these kids for being so willing and comfortable with this technology and type of collaboration. It is pretty amazing and cutting-edge. My heart just continues to burst with pride for these kids and these island schools. We.Are.Awesome!

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