Wednesday, May 2, 2012

What it's all about...

The first couple of days of May have been very grey and damp, which has been doing a number on my mental/emotional state. There has been a whole lot going on "behind the scenes" for me lately, nothing horrible... just distracting, and I have been battling with a lot of emotions heading  into my final stretch of being the Monhegan School teacher of three fabulous kids. 

It was interesting that on one of the greyest, wettest, coldest days outside... we had one of our best days inside our school house.

What was so special about this day? Nothing. That's why it was so wonderful. We had no visitors, no special events, no change of schedule. We worked, we laughed, we shared muffins at break. 

My kindergartner added with regrouping for the first time.  I saw how excited she was when the math clicked for her, and it didn't take long... there was just a little twinkle in her eye and I knew she got it... there is nothing better than that moment when you are a teacher. I take for granted how smart and determined she is to learn and do a good job. She is a very good listener and wants to do the best job she can. I am very lucky to have her this year.

My eighth grader was happy, helpful, and hard working. I too often take for granted what a phenomenal role model he is . He does his work, motivates himself, and makes the most of even mundane assignments. Even within all his teenage angst, he stays positive as he can and he never complains.  I never have to worry if he will get his work done and he always respects my opinion, but in such an independent thinker, I really love that.

My sixth grader worked hard in his ever cluttered and messy "office." He stay so focused on his work (even as I snapped pictures of him). He is so creative in his work and is always able to put his own "spin" on his assignments, which I love. I take for granted how much pure joy and fun he brings to my life. He is a true original and so sweet when you least expect it. He may not know it, but he always finds a way to brighten my day when I need it most. 

My dog napped in the bean bags in between going outside to dig holes in the mud. I take for granted the fact that I am able to bring my little puppy girl with me to school everyday. It is so good for all of us to have a furry friend to cuddle with a break and give a quick pat and kiss when we go to sharpen our pencils. I am lucky to be surrounded by so much good in the walls of this little school.

So... at the end of this grey day, my heart is happy and full and content. I know this is what it is about... learning, working, laughing, sharing, being kind and patient, giving high fives, cuddling with puppies, practicing our letters, writing creative stories, using the distribution property, singing funny songs, coloring pictures, having critical conversations about war and peace, building robots, using flash cards, creating hypotheses, practicing dances, feeling safe and happy...

I am grateful for these days. They make everything else just make a little more sense. 

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