Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Happy May Day!

We have been trying really hard to catch up on a whole lot of work lately so the only extra "fun" thing that we have been doing pretty consistently as school as of lately is "Morning Project" and apparently that is where I take most of my pictures!

 Today was May 1st... so "Happy May Day" to all! We made May Baskets to celebrate and I picked up a few little goodies  (Tootsie-pops and Reese's cups!) to add to their completed baskets.

 Dalton engineered his own basket design.

 Margaret and Quinn followed my lead and created a cone-shaped basket.

 Dalton is such a good sport... have I mentioned that?

 Ta da!!!

 If they passed the basket inspection they got their treats!

 She passed!

Poor Quinn was the last man standing at the end of morning project time... he had to use a little bit of his break... but he passed inspection and got his treats!


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