Thursday, May 27, 2010


So, I know that it seems like I think my students are pretty much good at everything, but I speak the truth when I say they are REALLY good at giving compliments. Some days we end our time together with giving compliments to one another and last week our guidance counselor was on island and did a fun activity with us about the importance of compliments, especially in a school like ours. Our school has only FIVE kids, and three of those kids have been in the same class with each other for over five years! We are like family and it is easy to get wrapped up in what annoys you and bugs you about people you are around as much as we all are, but it is also so important to see the great qualities as well. 

For our guidance activity we each had to name one quality about each person at our school that we appreciated, loved, or admired. We made a class list with everyone's names and the qualities that were listed about them and then we each got to create our own star that we decorated and wrote the qualities on. There was something very affirming about writing our own strong qualities on our star. It gave us all a little boost in confidence and an appreciation for ourselves and each other. It was a good lesson about how powerful compliments can be. I hope this is something we can all remember. 

Donna's qualities included: artistic, friendly, a good teacher, cool, and "hysterical" ( but think I meant more along the lines of hilarious!! Sorry Donna!)

Quinn was named as funny, intelligent, determined, artistic and imaginative!

Jorgie was described as artistic, curious, imaginative, a good singer, and "epic!"

Gabe is funny, imaginative, intelligent, thoughtful, and loyal!

Arlo qualities were: athletic, artistic, imaginative, curious, and kind!

Dalton was named intelligent, helpful, compassionate, artistic, funny, and kind.

My qualities were helpful, awesome, funny, cool, intelligent, and an epic teacher!

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