Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Yes, it is true. The BEST kickball of the history of kickballs occurred this past Tuesday on Monhegan Island. The sun was shining, there was a cool breeze blowing off the sea, and there were TONS of kickball lovers at the Monhegan School house ready to rumble!

Maya in her kickball tie-dye wear. This was her very first kickball day and boy was she excited!

The kids and I were at school by 8:00am to set up and just wait around for our teams to show up! (and obviously take lots of pictures!)

Jorgie dyed her hair for the occasion! 

I took this exact picture at my first kickball three years ago! How fast he grew up. (I will miss you SOOOO much Gabers!)

Waiting for folks to show!

Arlo was totally pumped for his first kickball!

At 8:30am sharp, people starting piling into the school house! We gave out shirts, welcomed everyone, went over our schedule and rules and assigned teams.

For the first time in kickball history we did not have a school team. Instead the kids each had their own team. There was the 8th grade team, the 6th grade team, the 4th grade team, and the 1st grade team. We had everyone get together with their teams to choose a name and captain, design a team banner, and choreograph a team victory dance!

Even the refs got to make a banner (with Maya's help!)

Then a little after nine, after all of our opening ceremonies, we headed up to the field... Light House Hill is like the warm-up!

Walking to the ball field!

Here is the first grade team, "The Fire-Breathing Unicorns", running through their banner and onto the field for the first time!

And the 6th grade team, "The Chaotic, Psychotic Robots" (or something along those lines!)

Running onto the field to verse the first grade team!

And of course... THE REFS! We love the refs!

First kick of the game! PLAY BALL!

Let the wild rumpus begin!

The robots pretty much kicked the unicorns butt!

Travis "Big-Hitter" knocks one out to right field.

Tara made a horn for herself! UNICORN POWER!

Kole making a run for it!

I must say, that teacher can kick!

First major tumble of the game... there were a lot of those!

Billy B. with a first run!

Jorgie was an awesome pitcher for the unicorns!

Look Dalton is as tall as Tara, when did that happen?

Field shot! So, the first game ended with the Robots defeating the Unicorns, but we (the unicorns) still held our horn high and were excited to watch the eight grade team verse the fourth grade team!

Silly gooses!

Then it was time for game number two! 
The eighth grade team, also known as Team Pi!

Tearing up their banner!

And the fourth grade team, also known as "The Fourth Grade Freak Show!' Got to love it!

Jorgie and I were beat from our first game!

Thank goodness for our excellent cheering section!

Let Game #2 begin! Go Quinny Go!

Good kick Arlo!

Game #2 was when Angela made her memorable run into the bushes!

Team fourth grade waiting to kick!

Mother/daughter team!

Gabe was one heck of a pitcher.

and a runner!

Mattie having Brownell pass the ball to the pitcher.

The ball may have been bigger than him, but he carried it all the way to the pitchers mound!

Absolutely adorable!

Maya was having the best day of her life!

Cutest player ever?!

Look at that form!

More watching from the side lines.

Stewie was absolutely the quickest player!

After game #2, where Team Pi beat out the Fourth Grade Freak Show, it was time for a BBQ lunch back at school!

We had our master griller, Travis! 

Maya LOVED lunch!

Quick rest before games 3 & 4!

Even the puppies need a rest!

Then we were back in action! It was team first grade against team fourth grade!

Some major tumbles occurred in the second half of the day!

Jorgie was back on the pitcher's mound!

I was a super good cheerleader, if I do say so myself!

Daltini running the bases.

The manly men being, well, men.

A little assistance from Mom.

Arlo making a dash to first!

Action shot!

Flaming Unicorns breathing our fire!

Jorgie with a strong kick!

Brother and sister battle it off.

Go Donna go!

Big slide into first.

Then it was time for the final game. The Robots vs. Team Pi!
A big kick from Stewie starts off the game!

Followed up by a big kick from Gabe!

Ut oh, Maya got a yellow card for unsportsman-like conduct!

Chris had the first home-run of the day!

Puppy pile on Daltini!

Super ref!
Our fabulous, and "creative" scorekeeper.

It was middle schooler vs. middle schooler!

Goof balls!

My favorite picture of the day!

Donga and puppy!

Quinn and I on the sidelines!

Award nominations!

Um, something is not right here...

Fire Breathing Unicorns at the end of the day!

Fourth Grade Freak Show after the game!

At the end of the end, it was Team PI who won the championship!

Then it was time for the award ceremonies! Angela won "Best Play" for her trip into the bushes!

Quinn won best team player!

Eric won "Down and Dirty" award!

Richard won best ref!

Olivia won best cheerleader!

Gabe won "Most Improved!"

Jes won "Most Dramatic!"

Dalton won "Best Sportsmanship"

Happy Kickball players!

Jorgie wished we could have kickball every day!

I agree. Thank you to everyone who came up to play with us! It was SO much fun!

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