Sunday, May 30, 2010


Dalton making the open remarks!

We now take reservations for tables at BINGO! Can you believe it?!

Our lovely prizes!

Looks like a full house.

Big winner of the grass skirt AND coconut top!

Two cute blondes checking their cards.

Jorgie calling. (Notice the bare feet... we love spring time!)

Arlo's looking kind of sneaky... he really wants to win!

Dalton just looks like a goof ball.

Classic Quinn shot.

Arlo's turn to call.

Last week we had our 18th BINGO night at the Monhegan School. There is reall nothing better than BINGO. It is so easy and so fun. I think we could plan a BINGO night blindfolded if we had to. We start by "cleaning up shop" and straightening out the school as a whole. It is kind of nice that we have BINGO once a month because it gives us all a chance to clean out our desks, straighten out the counter tops, and just spruce up school. Then it is rearranging time... big tables get seperated, desks are put in rows, the round table comes down off the stage. Next we break up into different groups. The bakers move to the kitchen with me where we bust out cookies and brownies (we can usually make about 2 dozen brownies and a pan of brownies in about 20 minutes... we are just THAT good!) The non-bakers bring in chairs from the shed, set up the BINGO machine, lay out prizes, get the BINGO cards stacked, distrubute BINGO chips to all the tables, and most importantly hang the famous BINGO sign. We are ready and raring to go. Then about 20 minutes before BINGO we make the punch and popcorn put plates of snacks at every table and pick out some music to play on Pandora!

Our May BINGO night was Luau themed. We wore leis, played Hawaiin music, and had some AMAZING prizes that included a coconut bra, grass skirt, tiki drink cup, and Hawaiian Shirt dessert plates. What more could you ask for? We had a great turn out, with some faces we have not seen since the Fall! And of course we had the "regulars"... all of whom we love.

Dalton made the opening speech... we always have one of the kids go over the "rules" of BINGO and explain that all the funds that are raised at BINGO go to help fund our off island field trips and our Kickball t-shirts. We had some BIG winners! Alice B. won THREE games and Marlene won TWO! It was a pretty big shocker that poor old Billy B. came away empty handed, BUT we think he may have passed on his luck to his date that evening, Ms. Joshephine Martin who became our May BINGO champion and will join the others on our BINGO wall of fame!!!

We missed having Norma at BINGO... she is always SO into it.

Ooooooh.... she REALLY wanted that lei.

Checking cards.

Goofy boys in the kitchen.


I will miss this sweet face.

Maya just PRAYING her auntie Pam will throw her some popcorn.

A little touchy-feely moment between Quinn and Gabe?

HA! Busted! Gabe's "Don't you dare put this on the blog" face.

Almost time for the last game!

Billy B. is focused.

Maya looking very festive.

Maya got tired, it was a lonnng last round!

And the May champion is... Josephine Martin!!! Congratulations!

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  1. This looks like so much fun! I am so impressed at how organized it all seems! Do you do different themes throughout the year? I wonder if you could possibly go more into "character" about some of the regulars if you were to use this as a bigger piece of writing. For those of us who don't know them, it could help understand the background of the pictures.