Sunday, June 6, 2010

Craft Fair Teaser...

I thought it might be fun to give everyone a little preview of some of the AMAZING crafts the kids have been working on for our THIRD ANNUAL silent auction craft fair that we have coming up on Thursday. There is nothing better then kid art and crafts, and it is not just because I am their teacher. They are REALLY talented. I am pretty much going to go into the poor house trying to buy all of their awesome work!

For those of you who don't know... our kids fundraise all year long to help pay for field trips and the kickball t-shirts we give away each year. I have never been a big fan of fundraising, but I have realized it has taught both me and the kids to appreciate what you work so hard for... and these kids have worked mighty hard on the crafts for this fundraiser... so I hope everyone can join us: THIS THURSDAY, June 10th from 2-3pm at the school house!

Arlo working on his one of a kind pillow case for the craft fair!

This pillow case was MADE for me!

Crafty little bees!

Dalton working on the hand-painted tray that all the kids added to... this is going to be a hot ticket item!

Jorgie designing her tote bag!

The beautiful vase Dalton hodge-podged.

The class "garden stone" that the kids made which has piece of sea glass in it that they collected from Ernie's Beach!

Super cute hand painted jewelry box that everyone needs.

Quinn and Arlo working on their totes.

Gabe working on his vase.

I know where YOU ALL are going to be this Thursday! 

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