Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Trip to Manana

It has been an end of the year tradition to take a trip to Manana at the end of every school year to just walk around, eat wild Strawberries, and take some time to look back at our gorgeous island of Monhegan. For those you who do not know, Manana is the tiny island next to Monhegan that takes about 46 seconds to get to in a motorized dory. We are so lucky to have our friend Rusty who takes us to Manana free of charge and usually teaches us a thing or two on our way there...

Jorgie headed down to the beach. Please notice her little backpack with her bunny in it. Too cute.

The boys were excited to head to Manana. They had their cameras with them. Their assignment was to capture some photos of Monhegan to inspire them to write their last poetry assignment of the year.

Quinny called Rusty on the radio to let him know we were ready for our ride!

And within minutes Rusty met us at the beach with his dory.

We were ready to boggie.

So long Monhegan.

Headed up the ramp to Manana.

So on our way over Rusty reminded us that the goats were on Manana for the summer. We had never visited when the goats were there... so we all skeptically watched as the goats got closer and closer when we arrived.

I guess you could say they were pretty interested in what we were doing on "their" island.

We were not allowed to feed them although they did try to eat the kids shirts and my backpack!

Here they are following the kids down the ramp.

Just a typical day at the Monhegan School.

I have a feeling goats will be mentioned in the kids final poems this year.

Looking across the harbor at Monhegan.

Hanging out on the rocks.

Did we not pick the most gorgeous day to go to Manana?

Picking some wild strawberries. They were delicious!

Just gorgeous.

Happy girls.

We named the mama goat "Mrs. Goatee." Here she is starring at Dalton. She really like Quinn and she wasn't really a big fan of me. I think she knew I, too, am an alfa female!


Big bro and little sis.

The goats walked us back down the ramp as it was time to go.

Big guys, we will see you next year!

After about an hour roaming the island, it was time to go.

Waiting for Rusty to come pick us up.
Our carriage awaits...

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