Sunday, June 13, 2010

Busy Day at the Monhegan School...

So last Thursday was a CRAZY day at the Monhegan School, but lots of fun. We have been planning to host our third annual craft fair and bake sale fundraiser on Thursday afternoon and some how the kids talked me into having a final June BINGO on the same night. Good thing we are excellent at planning and executing awesome and fun events!

Our craft fair/bake sale was amazing! First of all, we had beautiful and creative crafts that the kids had been working on throughout the winter...

Hand-painted frames with photos of the kids from different moments throughout the school year.

The crafts were set up in silent auction fashion, with a slip of paper next to each craft for sale. Then people were able to come write their name and a bid they would like to make on the paper next to the craft.

Do these look familiar? They were the beautiful paintings the kids did with Frank last month. Our town clerk ended up with all five of them and you will be able to see them on display in the town office!

We also auctioned off some big bake sale items: Island Famous Trailing Yew Chocolate Cake AND Dalton's famous Cheese Cake! YUMMY!

Some creative re-useable shopping bags that the kids decorated!

We had "prayer flag" banners that we made out of recycled paper from our Earth month festivities and hand sew pillow cases.

Maya and Schooner couldn't take all the excitement inside the school so they waited outside to greet the customers!

Jorgie rang the bell to let everyone know the craft fair/bake sale was about to commence!

Arlo was prepared to help all the hungry people at the bake sale table.

Each student made sometime to contribute to the bake sale and it was all so delicious!

First customers and the kids were ready!

People started swarming in to place their bids on all of the beautiful crafts!

It was like World War III with all the crazy bidding going on. We should of had security to keep things under control.

To bid higher or not to bid higher? That is the question.

Pulling out her checkbook perhaps???!!!

Quinn, are you bidding on your own pillow case?!

Time was running out and people were still making bids! I kept giving countdowns...


When the bids closed we collected all of the bidding slips and reported who won what! We handed out the crafts and collected money from our generous community. One hour and one big bake sale / craft fair later we raised over 500 dollars for our field trip and kickball account! WAY TO GO US!

THEN... fast forward two hours and it was time for June BINGO... the kids had to come back extra early to clean up from the craft fair and SET UP for BINGO...

When I asked our 8th grader how he felt about his last BINGO, this was the face he gave me...
I am not really sure how to take it.

But THIS is the face my first grader gave me when I said "BINGO!" Much better.

Now, let me just preface this BINGO by saying it was VERY eventful this month....

First off, we had one of our BINGO players from May come to June BINGO dressed in her prizes from last month! Holy Moly! That is BINGO dedication.

From the BINGO we had a rowdy group of people at the "BLUE Table". They started goofing off from the beginning, using the cookies as eyeballs. How COMPLETELY ridiculous!

I do believe this picture is worth a thousand words... a million perhaps.

Quinny was able to tame the masses and make the opening speech of the night.

It was a full house! We had summer residents, winter residents, and even some over night visitors!

Dalton checking one of the first wins of the night!

Gabe giving me another one of his eighth grade looks...

Dalton's turn to call...

And Quinny's turn to check.

Arlo doing an excellent job calling.

Thank goodness Claire won a round, we were starting to get nervous that a Boynton wouldn't win!

As you can see we had another rowdy table in the back!

"Bucky" was a big winner! He won two games!

Muffy was lucky enough to win the sunglasses with no-lenses! SCORE!

And then it was time for the final round. And what a final round it was. Quinn announced three-quarters through the round that we were missing O-61 from the machine... I thought there was going to be a BINGO revolt! People were up in arms!

But we were able to calm the crowds, fixed the issue, and move along with the game and finally a "BINGO" was called out...
And it was none other that our favorite, visiting Becky Alberts. Can you see the pure nerves in this lady's face! She REALLY wanted to win.

And win she did! Announcing the JUNE BINGO CHAMP OF 2010:

Best. Photo. Of. The. Night.

And then there was this kind fellow who thought that he had won the last round and yelled out BINGO with such enthusiasm but then figured out it was a "cover-your-whole-card" round and was oh so disappointed. We gave him a can of silly string as a constellation prize.

It was a super fun day at the Monhegan School! Thanks to all who came out to support us!

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  1. Hello! I'm that kind fellow who embarrassed himself at Bingo! My name is Sean Hanley and I'm currently living in Boothbay for the summer in my grandfather's cottage. I found your blog by doing research on Monhegan. I just wanted to say that I had a wonderful time at Bingo and enjoyed my time on the island.

    I'm a recent graduate of Emerson College where I studied film production, and I came to Maine this summer looking to do research and make contacts for my next film. Would you be willing to correspond with me about your experiences on Monhegan? I'd like to learn as much as I can.

    If so, please email me at It'd be a pleasure to chat! I regret not introducing myself after Bingo, but I was probably still recovering from my devastating public defeat.

    Sean Hanley