Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A Truly Remarkable Year

It's been one for the books. First of all, we got a blog and blogs seem to make everything better! I have to admit it has been so much fun to share all of our school's happenings with all of our distant (and close, like island close) blogging community. This blog has made me realize even more what a fantastic school we have and how lucky we all are to be apart of it. There is so much we should be proud of at our school.

I know we are proud of our little white building with the ocean view. We are proud of our garden and our school puppies who like to stand watch outside. We are VERY proud of our community and the amount of support and love they give to our school. We are proud of all we do as a school and how we bring our community together to enjoy themselves and each other. We are proud of all the hard work we do in that little white building everyday and how we work together as a team, even more so, a family. 

I know I am proud to call my students my family. And I am proud of each one of them for so many reasons...

I am proud of Jorgie.

and Arlo

and Quinn

and Dalton

and of course, Gabe.

I am proud of the people they are and I am already proud of the people they will become.

Thank you for coming along with us this year. It has been a wonderful ride!

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