Sunday, June 20, 2010

Monhegan's Got Talent!

You would have thought they would have aired it on ABC or NBC or HBO for that matter, because the variety show that was held at the Monhegan School this past Wednesday was so packed full of talent that it would give the contestants of American Idol, Star Search, AND So You Think You Can Dance (combined) a run for their money! Our school put the call out for our "Monhegan's Got Talent" night and boy did we find some talent! We had 19 acts that would knock your socks off and the school house was so packed that it was standing room only and people were even standing outside watching through the windows!

Truth be told, it was probably the most fun night I have EVER had at school, and we have had some pretty fun nights. The idea for a talent show came about when the we were talking with the kids about having a recital to showcase what they learned in ocarina class this year. They weren't so keen on the idea of a recital where they were the only ones performing and had a lot a pressure on them, so we thought it would be fun to host a talent show where we could invite the community to come perform as well as have the kids perform on their ocarinas. Then we came up with the idea of asking a few community members to be judges, just to make it even more fun and entertaining. The kids took a vote and decided upon three people they wanted as judges: Pamela (who you may remember won the "most knowledgeable person about the school award" back at our Italian dinner night), Rusty (our ever faithful transportation man to Manana and who holds a striking resemblance to Simon Cowell) and of course the BINGO man himself, Billy B.

We had awards for first, second, and third place acts along with an award for the most creative act, the most embarrassing act, the funniest act, and also an award for REAL talent... who knew we were going to have so many REAL talented people...

Donna and I were the MCs for the evening and I have to say, we were pretty stinking funny.

Our FANTASTIC looking judges... look at how well Billy B. cleans up!

Our first act of the evening was what I like to call the "Superstars from afar!" They were SO talented and fabulous!

Our very own Miss Jorgie then performed an amazing song with two of the "superstars." I think we may see her name in lights someday!
Watch her sing here: Jorgie's Singing Video

Jorgie and I waiting for her scores... very nerve-wracking...
But no worries, she received two nines and a ten!

Some local talent... known as the "Girl Country" group. They sounded great!
See their performance here: Country Girls Video

My favorite act of the night... Anna with her mouth trumpet routine! SO AWESOME!
You can view her awesomeness here: Mouth Trumpet Video

The (in)famous toothpick trick!

Donna did a great job stalling with bad bird jokes while an act (which I somehow got sucked into) set up...

I think it was worth the wait... here is the "Little People" dance off skit. I was Marjorie's hands... best skit ever! Now this is what I call talent!

It was time for real talent with Quinny playing a great tune on his ocarina!
See him playing here: Quinn's Ocarina Video

Dalton played "Hallelujah" on his ocarina.

Remember how I said there were a lot of people at the school... this is what I meant.

Like a lot of people.

Katherine with a fantastic musical number.

The judges giving out scores. They were the best judges EVER!

And the KING was in the building... a mystery guest performing "All Shook Up" in full Elvis attire. He was quite handsome if I do say so myself.
Watch for yourself : ELIVS VIDEO!

The brother and sister duo performing "Twinkle Twinkle" like you never heard it before. Judge Pamela said they could be the next Donnie and Marie!

A little Johnny Cash number by Mott and Anna!

And the act we had all been waiting for... Flash Mob performing their MJ dance routine! It was OUT OF THIS WORLD!
Watch it in it's entirety here: Flash Mob Video

Our own T-Dog in her Michael Jackson attire!

And the final act of the night was our entire school playing a group number on the ocarina...
Watch our act here: Raider's March Video

Waiting to receive our scores!

The judge deliberated at length before giving out the final awards!

The Real Talent Award went to Jorgie.
Most Creative went to Elvis (who later gave the award to Anna for her AMAZING mouth trumpet routine!)
Most Embarrassing and Funniest was tied between the "Toothpick Trick" and the "Little People Dance Off"

Third Place went to Flash Mob's dance routine
Second Place went to Jorgie and her backup players

I do believe Jorgie stole the show... look at the awards on this girl, and look at that face! She is one happy camper.

I am telling you, it was a night for the books. The energy in that little school house was tangible and our island was on a high for the next 24 hours reliving all the great moments of the night. Thank you to all who performed! Thank you to our judges! Thank you to our huge audience! Thank you to the kids for making it happen. It was a night full of fun and excitement. It made me so grateful to be apart of such an AWESOME school and community!

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