Sunday, May 9, 2010

Kickball preparation...

Yes... it is that time of year... KICKBALL SEASON! 

Monhegan kickball dates back to the prehistoric times on island...  during the spectacular Sarah Caban era! Every May the town "shuts down" for kickball day! One of the best parts of kickball day is KICKBALL t-shirts! The kids fundraise all year to buy t-shirts for everyone who participates in kickball day. The kids get to design the t-shirts and pick out the colors. This year we brought our t-shirts to a whole new level by tie-dyeing them all! THAT IS A LOT OF TIE DYE! The fun part is that we invited the community up to the school to tie-dye their own if they had the time, we also took specific color and pattern requests. Let me just say, we have some talented tie-dyers around these parts! 

And the results were amazing...

Day 1 of tie-dye... we tie-dyed the kids shirts first to learn about our technique!

Quinny doesn't look like he is feeling the tie-dye process... but his shirt came out awesome!

Day 2 of tie-dying... the first bunch of community members came up to tie and dye!

Gabe showing off his mom's shirt!

The back of our shirt, designed by Quinn.

The sleeve of the shirt designed by Jorgie and Arlo! (personally my favorite part of the shirt)

The front of the shirt, designed by the middle schoolers!

First batch of shirts up to dry...

Day three of dying... a good group showed up!

We busted out 30+ shirts that day!

So glad Olivia is back!!!

Our school rocks came in handy for laying our our shirts!

Puppies, babies, and tie-dye... oh my!

So maybe we should have worn gloves!

Everywhere you looked... tie dye!

and more dye!

Yes! I was there too!
And my hands remained dyed for about four days!

More dyed hands.

Even Chris R. showed up for some tie-dye action!

Look at all of those shirts!

The end result!

My dream school house...

Isn't it gorgeous!

Our tie-dye over our garden...

Can't wait to see these shirt running around the ball field!

70 shirts... DONE!


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