Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Frank teaches us how to paint!

Outdoor classroom!

Last Friday we were all delighted to have Frank Bruckmann join us at school to give us a private painting session. He set up shop in front of the school house. The sun was shining, our tie-dye shirts were out on the line, and the puppies were playing... it seemed like the perfect day for a painting of our little school house. We gathered around Frank and watched him work. He talked briefly as the strokes of his canvas took shape and we all watched out his painting developed. He talked us through shading, color choice, "squinting" for shapes and colors, and stepping away from your canvas to make sure you are on the right track. The kids were excited that they were issued their own artist's license ...

It was amazing to watch just a few simple lines become our little school house!

The puppies were posing!

"Stepping back" to look at the canvas.

Have to admit... I was pretty amazed!

Then yesterday it was our turn to create masterpieces! Frank came to assist and critique our work. The kids were excited when they walked into the school after break and saw five beautiful white canvases to work on and a palette of colors! Each of them set up outside. It was a grey and moody kind of day, but as the kids painted it was easy to see how to find "beauty in the gray." 

Now this is exciting!

Getting started.

Maya was there for moral support.

They are coming along...

Frank gave some great tips and encouragement!

Can I just say what fantastic artists I have in my school!?

And they all picked such interesting things to paint!

Almost done.


Lots of green, blue, and gray. Perfect Monhegan!

Thank you Frank for sharing your talents and passions with us! We loved it!

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