Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Harvest Time!

Do you remember all of our posts about our school garden last year?! Well, it was time to reap our rewards for all that hard work and harvest our crops, and by crops I mean potatoes! Last Spring we planted lettuce and potatoes in our sweet little garden and although Dalton and Quinn's chickens ate most of our lettuce, the potatoes were alllll ours!

Gardener Kathie came over to help with the digging.

But the boys quickly took over.

LOOK AT ALL OUR POTATOES! YEEHAW!? What to do with all that carbohydrate goodness!? Use them for home-made french-fries at Inter-Island Event of course! The boys were SO excited to know that the food they were going to serve at our Inter-Island Event was going to be food that was actually grown on our island! How's that for the "eat local" movement!? And it was easy on our budget!

I love this picture. Our home-grown potatoes drying out next to our new VERY expensive video conferencing unit. Old school meet new school.

After we dug up our potatoes it was time to make apple sauce from all the delicious apples we had picked that very morning.

Very careful cutting going on right here.

Let's make those apples mushy, shall we!?

And then the best part... using the apple sauce "swirlers"! MMMMM!

It was kind of a messy project...


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