Monday, September 27, 2010

Social Studies Presentation

This year our first unit for social studies is studying Island History. There is so much to learn about Monhegan and it is fun to explore this information together as a class. We are so lucky to have such great reasources interms of the people on Monhegan AND the fabulous Island Museum to research information pertaining to our island's history.

For their first project in Social Studies the boys had to create a short presentation about Monhegan that briefly covered these four areas: island history, island economy, island geography, and island culture. The boys decided they wanted to create a movie they could use as a part of their presentation which was to be shown at Inter-Island Event when all of the island schools at the event would give their presentations about their islands.

We began by writing down questions we had about Monhegan... such as "Who were the first settlers on island?" "How long has the school been open?" "What is the latitude and longitute of Monhegan?" "Has lobstering always been the main fishing industry on island?"

We took these questions and headed to the museum in hopes to find answers!

And answers we found! We wrote down facts at the museum on post-it notes that helped to answer some of these questions and then organized those facts into the areas of history, geography, economy, and culture.

When it was time to figure out how to present this information to the other schools at Inter-Island Event the boys picked a very fun venue! They created a movie called "Fact or Fiction" that gives information about Monhegan, however it is up to the audience to decide whether the information is fact or fiction. It is a very interactive way to present information which as the boys put it, "how kids learn best!"

To see part of their video presentation click on the link below:

Please note that this is only half of their presentation. The other half was given in person during the presentations by Dalton explaining in more details the information about each of the "facts" given about Monhegan.

I think anyone who saw the boys presentation at Inter-Island Event would agree that their hard work paid off! It was AWESOME and pretty stinking informational as well!

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