Tuesday, September 28, 2010

We love apples.

Our annual on-island field trip to go apple picking had an even greater purpose than usual this year. The goal... collect enough apples to make a HUGE batch of home-made apple sauce to be served as a delicious snack at our island's Inter-Island Event! There are a few trees on island that are PRIME for apple picking...

One of those trees just happens to be located in the teacher's house yard! Lucky us!

Maya was an EXCELLENT supervisor.

One handsome fellow up in my apple tree.

I obviously had to wear my apple skirt for our apple picking adventure... which was nice because that meant I had to leave the tree climbing up to the boys! Smart move Jessie!

Apples just happen to be my favorite fruit in the whole wide world. They are always a gorgeous color and their crisp, tangy flavor is to die for. What is neat about Monhegan apples is they are all such a mix of varieties. It is not like we have a macintosh tree on island or a cortland. They are all mixed species of trees that have grown over hundreds of years, so you almost never know what you are going to get, but they all seem to be SO delicous.


Another prime tree is located over near Winter Works however you cannot reach the apples with an apple picker from the ground... you need to climb to get these gorgeous apples.

Dalton climbed.

And Quinn collected.

Of course, I took pictures. We make a great team. Next up... the product of our apple picking adventure!

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