Wednesday, September 29, 2010


We have been so lucky this Fall to have the fabulous Tobey coming to school a couple of mornings a week to teach us yoga. Tobey is a Yoga Master... literally. She is a certified, fabulous, brilliant instructor and we feel SO priveleged to have her teaching US yoga. She is alway emphasizing that the best part of yoga is that it does not have to be perfect and it is just about listening to your body and doing what it needs. I am alllll about not being perfect so this is my kind of yoga!

She has taught us four different routines that will get us through the winter! It is nice to have yoga as a way to start the day when we only have two boys, who happen to be brothers and sometimes come to school still mad at one another for whatever may or may not have happened at home that particular morning! Yoga is the perfect way to clear the air, regain focus, and come to school fresh.

One of our favorite poses... the half moon. Now the boys know the routines so well they can lead eachother and me.

So, thank you Tobey! You are the best.

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