Sunday, September 26, 2010


We have waited over a year and a half for this day! Our Tanberg video conferencing unit arrived at our school this summer in numerous pieces backed in several boxes that sat in the corner of our school house until the second day of school when Mr. Tanberg himself, okay I think his name was Jason but he was a Tanberg pro, came and set up our unit at school!

What is a Tanberg Video Conferencing Unit you ask? Well, it is basically a humungous pieces video monitor on wheels with a video camera on top that hooks up to our internet server so we can call other schools with the same equipment and see and talk to them through our unit!

We got our unit through a grant that gave all island schools the opportunity to have one of these units in their classrooms. This means that we will be able to work collaboratively with other island schools on projects, lessons, and other school activities on a regular basis! HOORAY!

We decided to name our unit "The Terminator" because it is so big and technical looking. We have "The Terminator" placed in the back corner of our school house so it is safe from dogs, tennis balls, and other dangerous items in our school.

We cannot WAIT to start using it to work with island kids from other schools!

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