Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Yes, we are also doing work... really.

So over the summer I got lots of great comments about how much everyone LOVES our school blog and how they think our school looks like SO much fun! I also got some comments that makes me think that some people do not necessarily understand the purpose of a blog. These comments included, "Wow! It looks like all you do is have fun at your school!" or "Ha, guess you don't really every do any real work at your school!" and my personal favorite, "Looks like you have the easiest job in the world, you just get to play all day!"

Let me clarify what I think is the point of a blog, or at least our blog... it is to keep people posted on all the FUN and EXCITING activities and events that happen at our school, not so much the mundane and normal activities that happen at school on a regular basis. Let me assure you, we do A LOT of work... and we are not always having TONS of fun... some days we are down right grumpy... but I rather not blog on those days.

But for those of you who still feel you need documentation of the WORK we do on a regular basis.... enjoy.

Here is Quinn, at his desk, on a "regular Tuesday"... working.

Here is Quinn at the main table... you guess it, working.

And look! Here is Dalton... working!

And here I tried to make Dalton be grumpy on demand to show what "not having fun at school" looks like... but it just made him laugh.

This year I will try to be better at documenting the mundane... like science exams, spelling quizzes, and math worksheets...
hold on to your seat-belts! It's going to be good!

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