Sunday, July 1, 2012

Art Show!

We decided to wait until the last week of school to have our art show for the year...
Donna created this awesome poster to show all the different types of art the kids worked on this year. She is one cool art teacher.

I think this is Quinn's "I cannot believe I produced this much art this year" face!

Hanging up his fabulous work!

Dalton, of course, was making his art perfectly aligned. 

Margaret's area was looking fabulous... this is her awesome biome project she finished just in time to show off at the art show!

The proud artist.

Good lord he is cute.

Dalton in his art area.

One handsome, grown up artist!

And Margaret in her area on stage! She has grown into such a fabulous artist this year!

The doors of the art show opened promptly at two and we were FLOODED with visitors!

Dalton showed his photography slide show on the Tanberg for all to see.

Let me just say it was AMAZING!

Answering lots of questions about their art!

Margaret LOVED talking to everyone about her work.

Lots of spectators! And look it's Gabe! He is so good to still support his school!

Pointing out his favorite work.

Showing off some of the stories she wrote this year.

More questions to answer.

So serious.

Super cute.

Some of Quinn's work up close.

Great colors!

Margaret's collage piece!

And a Dr. Suess inspired drawing!

Dalton should have been VERY proud of his work this year.

And his photography was just wonderful.

Quite the event!

Some last questions to answer.

And now it was just time to be silly!

We did it! Another final event done with.

Unfortunately Donna was sick the day of our art show... so we had her there in spirit. She would have been super proud of her little artists!

Quinn surprised me at the end of the show and gave me his AMAZING dragon painting that I had been pineing over all year long!

Thank you Quinny!!! I love it!!!!

Thank you to all who came to celebrate our fabulous Monhegan School artists! They truly are quite magnificent!

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