Tuesday, July 10, 2012

CELEBRATE good times! C'mon!

After the cry-fest of graduation was over and complete it was time to CEEEEEELEBRATE GOOD TIMES.... C'mon!

The graduate popped the bubbley to share with his friends!

Bubbley = sparkling cider... he is still only 14, ya know!?

Cheers to our graduates!

We brought our bubbley juice along with us as we headed out for a celebratory pizza lunch!

The celebrating is a whole lot easier than the actually graduating!

It was a great lunch! Once our bellies were full we headed up to the ball field for some intense games of ultimate frisbee! That was the game of choice that Dalton wanted to play as a fun way to spend the afternoon! It was a great battle and we had TONS of participants! 

After a quick swim and rest the celebrating continued with a HUGE celebratory cookout at the school that evening which the entire community was invited to!

And you know the BEST part of celebratory cookouts on Monhegan!? We have the best cookout chefs in the world which means DELICIOUS FOOD!

It was a full out party!

Now it was time to bust out the REAL bubbley!

We deserved it!

Cheers! WE DID IT!

Lots of fun toasts!

Our poor graduate was exhausted after the day's events!

But that didn't stop me from snapping some pictures (notice his sweatshirt!)

Exhausted but I think really happy!

Then it was time from another kind of bubbley!

Between the sky, tie-dye, and bubbles... I am digging this picture!

Bubbles everywhere!

I loved that we got to have Meg and Joe here for the continued celebration! Such a fun day.

OH! And I almost forgot! I got ANOTHER amazing surprise after graduation was over. Angela made me this AMAZING quilt out of her kickball t-shirts from the last five years and our recent TLC t-shirt that the kids helped to design. I was literally speechless and just cried like a baby when I opened it. It is magnificent.

I have always wanted to make a quilt like this, but the fact that Angela thought to do it for me just touches my heart like nothing else. 

It is the warmest, softest snuggley-est quilt ever! It will be something I will treasure my entire life. Thank you Angela. It is the best gift I could have EVER received after my time here.

I think we were all starting to get pretty beat as the sun started to set. 

Look at all these sleepy, cute kids.

And these sleepy, cute teachers! What a day.

An amazing sunset after an amazing day after an amazing five years.
 Life could not have been more perfect on June 15th, 2012. Thank you to all who were apart of our special day. 

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