Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A final letter from the editor...

So, I have been dreading this day. The day when I write the final blog post in this space where I have felt so happy and comfortable and supported for over three years. I started this blog because I was just so proud and excited about the awesome work we did inside our little school house everyday and I wanted to share that with our extended school community. Never did I imagine the fun and joy I would get from sharing our school happenings with you all! This blog has allowed our school community to grow outside of just the small amount of people who live here on Monhegan year-round. We now know we have supporters all over the COUNTRY who have tuned in to see what we are up to during the school year. We have been so lucky to find you all.

Now after three years and 440 posts, I sit here trying to figure out how to say goodbye. School has been out for almost a month now. It has been cleaned and packed up for the summer. I have even moved out of the teacher's house and am living at a different at a different house, still on Monhegan. So I have been officially done as the Monhegan School teacher for a while now, but yet I still have not said goodbye to this space... to this last connection to the crazy adventure and love affair I have had with this truly spectacular school for the last five years....

So let's do the numbers....

Five years, twelve amazing students, three very different superintendents, four ed. techs,  five original Christmas plays, 440 blog posts, 33 BINGOS, 19 awesome field trips, five fabulous kickballs, two very special school dogs, a handful of lifelong friends, countless tears, undefinable emotions, unforgettable memories... all add up to one very grateful and changed teacher.

So I guess all I can say is thank-you for coming along on this crazy ride with us, with me. Thank you for your joy, your love, and your support for our little school. I will miss getting your comments in my inbox in the morning and taking a gazillion pictures of the cutest school kids in the world to post here in this space. I will miss the pride and happiness I have felt when I post about all the fabulous things our school does here in this community. I will miss it all. But I will take it all with me, in my heart, always.  So thank you again, from the bottom of my heart. You will never truly know how much your kindness and support has meant to this teacher. So long and take care. 

- Jessie 

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