Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Special Visitors and Graduation Breakfast!

The night before graduation we were pretty excited because we were expecting some very special visitors!

Anne, Meg, and Joe had come out to be apart of our graduation festivities and we couldn't have been happier!

Hugs for everyone.

How cool is it that these island kids get to participate in end of year celebrations together!

As always, they all just picked up where they last left off and were off to have a great time together!

Joe stayed with Dalton while Meg and Anne stayed with me. It just made everything more special having our TLC friends to share it with!

The morning of graduation everyone pitched in to help get things set up and ready. Meg and Joe took care of music for me... I made them promise not to play ANYTHING sad or even REMOTELY sad since I was pretty much an emotional basket-case from the moment I woke up!

Quinn helped by making me laugh a lot and taking my mind off what an emotional basket-case I was :)

Anne helped by being my complete-and-utter life saver and taking on every single task I gave her and keeping me cool, calm, and sort-of collected.

Ms. Donna was there too... helping set up for our special graduation breakfast we held for all our school family!

We invited our extended school family in before graduation for some bagels, bacon, donuts, fruit, and other goodies to fill up on before our graduation ceremony!

Ohhhhh... delicious!

We had another special guest on graduation day! Senator Christopher Johnson had come out to present a special award to Dalton during our graduation ceremony and we were lucky enough to have him join us for breakfast as well!

Our youngest and oldest student chowing down!

It was a feast for everyone.

Happy 8th grade faces and full bellies... now let the graduation ceremonies begin!

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