Sunday, July 1, 2012

School Time Lines

So we all know that it is reallll hard to get a whole lot of work done the last week of school. The boys had projects in both Social Studies and Science to finish up, so I wanted to do something fun and special during our language arts period and I had just the project.

I wanted for each of us to get a chance to make a multi-media timeline for the number of years that we have been at the Monhegan School.

Since I knew this was going to be the final year for both Dalton and Quinn, I thought it would be nice to do some kind of cumulative project that gave us all the opportunity to reflect upon our time spent at the Monhegan School.

Quinn has been attending the Monhegan School since pre-school... although he is graduating from the Monhegan School as a sixth grader he sure has had a whole lot of great memories at our school.

Dalton has been at the Monhegan School since first grade... that means he has "survived" 8 years! Wow!

To start the project we did some brainstorming as a group... going year by year and thinking about the different kids, teachers, field trips, units, events, and memories that happened that year.

We then laid out our timelines and broke them up into segments so it would be easy to begin working on the creative part.

Margaret got in on the fun too, making a timeline for her pre-school and kindergarten years.

It ended up being QUITE the project... we cut out pictures from magazines, found quotes on the internet, wrote short poems to include, and looked up song lyrics that were meaningful to us to include on these timelines.

Then we had to put it allllll together!

We worked hard the last week of school because our goal was to have them up to share with our community at graduation.

But believe it or not... we finally got them done!

And they are up! Don't they look awesome... let me give you a little tour!

Margaret's Pre-School Year....

And some pictures to go with it!

And her Kindergarten Year... what an awesome year she had... my favorite is that she added "that's silly" to her list!

Very sweet pictures!

My timeline! Year 1!
"All aboard the crazy train!"

And Year 2!
That was quite the tough year.

Year Three.
One of the best years...

Year Four. 
The year of field trips, loosing Maya, and getting Millie.

And finally, Year Five.
A fabulous year!

And now it is time to say goodbye.... but new adventures await!

I loved this project so much. It was amazing to have some time to reflect, appreciate, and say goodbye to some wonderful years.

Quinn's Timeline: Preschool and Kindergarten!

First and Second Grade! 

Third and Fourth!

And Fifth and Sixth!

What a great ride this kid has had at our little school!

And Dalton's Timeline... First and Second Grade!

Third and Fourth!

Fifth Grade.

Sixth Grade.

Seventh Grade.

And finally Eighth Grade.

As we were putting these timelines up on the last morning, Dalton said to me, "Thanks Jessie, for letting us do this... it was really cool."

And all I could think was, thank you for letting me do this... be your teacher for the last five years and create all these amazing memories together... it was really cool. 

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  1. Jessie-- what an accomplishment and what an amazing, rich, unforgettable ride! Thank you for all you've done and all the memories you've made--and for sharing them all with us through this blog! We're so grateful to have been included.
    (also, Quinn, thank you for running away from school, it was the high point of Billy's career as truant officer!)