Saturday, June 30, 2012

Islesford Graduation

So, I had thought that Boston was going to be our final field trip of the year... but I mean, I do love a good field trip so what was one more 24 hour trip with kids I adore?

Actually, this wasn't an official school field trip. It was more like a special gift I wanted to give to Dalton and Quinn. Dalton had really wanted to go to Islesford Island for his two best friends 8th grade graduation. Dalton, Meg, and Joe are the three 8th graders of the TLC and have become extremely close over the last two years of project. The bond they created is really what the TLC is all about... creating an enviornment where our island kids have friends their own age and classmates to call their own. It only seemed appropriate to have the TLC class of 2012 together to celebrate their graduation. So when Dalton asked if we could go on a Saturday to Islesford I couldn't say "no" and when Quinn asked if he could come along I of course said" yes!"

Since it was a Saturday and we had no real academic purpose it was my special treat to the boys. They deserved it after going on 19 field trips with me over the years! But I obviously still had to blog about it!

You know you are comfortable with your students when they end up passing out on top of you during the boat ride :)

We obviously had to make one very important stop! D and Q LOVE DQ! 

I wonder home many times we have gone to DQ over the years?

They would probably say, "Not nearly enough."

Then we had a quick stop at Reny's to pick up some special gifts for our graduating friends!

Next we drove the two hours to Southeast Harbor, took a twenty minute boat ride, and BAM! We were on Islesford with all of our friends. 

We were lucky enough to be welcomed for the night by our favorite island hostess, Ms. Donna! We ALWAYS love staying with Donna... she has the best dog, husband, and SNACKS! 

After a quick snack, Quinn started calling up the island kids to organize some outdoor play time before the graduation ceremony! I mean, we only had 24 hours... we had to make the most of it!

And within a blink of an eye... there were kids showing up at the door! Man, I love island kids.

Hey look, it is the gorgeous Anne Bardaglio, with one of the graduates... the beautiful Meg!

Time to play!

More hugs and excitement!

Good lord these kids love each other!

So sweet.

And beautiful.

Anne and Joe!

Joe is the other graduating 8th grader! I think he was pretty pumped that we were all here to celebrate HIM!

Dalton and Joe had some secret work to do before graduation, so they were off!

Quinny hung out with Anne and I, while we worked on something equally secret for Dalton's up and coming graduation!

Photo shoot!

Me and my baby Quinny!

He loves me.

So much!

And before we knew it... it was time for the big event! On Islesford the graduation takes place at their Neighborhood House and community members from both Islesford AND Big Cranberry Island are invited for dinner and a special ceremony! We felt SO lucky to be apart of it!

Beautiful cake made for Meg and Joe!

Joe looking all dapper on his big night!

Time to eat!

I think Dalton was pretty happy to be apart of the night!

Mmmmm.... cake!

Then it was time for the show! For the first part of graduation, the Ashley Bryan School kids had a special performance to make in honor of Meg and Joe! They put on a "circus" act that was OUT OF THIS WORLD!

After that it was time for the graduates to give their very special speeches.

As you can imagine, there were many tears shed!

Ashley Bryan was there of course and led us in some poems!

The graduates received some special gifts and special words from their families and community members.

And then it was time for them to receive their 8th grade diplomas!

It's official... they graduated!

What a fun celebration!

And look at those happy faces!

Time to give them our special gifts! 

Meg was pretty pumped about hers.

She LOVES gnomes.

One proud Anne!

These kids will be apart of my heart forever and always.

Thank you Islesford and Great Cranberry for letting us be apart of your special day to celebrate these two AMAZING kids. We feel so lucky to feel like we, too, have become apart of your island community over the last two years. 

Meg and Joe, I am so ridiculously proud of the amazing kids you are and the leaders you have been in our TLC. Wow... pure pride and love fill my heart when I think of how lucky we have been to have you as our friends and TLC classmates over the years. Your life awaits... and you are going to rock it, I am sure! xoxoxo

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