Friday, June 1, 2012

Marathon Field Trip: Phase Two - Cliff Island

Since the boys and I were already in on Saturday for the Robotics meet and then planning to leave Monday for our TLC trip to Boston we figured we might as well make the most of our Sunday and visit the only island within our TLC that we have yet to see... the ever fabulous Cliff Island!

The weather was perfect for a boat ride to Cliff! Luckily, this teacher has some major connections in the Casco Bay area! I was able to convince my dad to take us on his work boat across the bay to Cliff. First we stopped to check out my dad's sailboat (aka, his FAVORITE child).

Ahoy! Do you see Cliff Island in the distance?

To save time... we passed on taking my dad's sailboat and instead took his quick little "Seatow" Boat! So cute and speedy!

Quinny was pretty pumped to be traveling on a speed boat!!!

Gorgeous views of Casco Bay! I love the way we get to travel!

Captain Paul!

Passing Fort Gorgeous on our way to Cliff!

Hello Cliff Island!!!

And just LOOK at our wonderful welcoming committee!!!

This little one wore his special bow tie to greet us!

And Miss Eliza Jean made us this FABULOUS welcome banner! This crowd sure knows how to make us feel special!

Once we arrived it was time to get busy seeing as many "island attractions" as possible!

First up, Griffin Cove...  

The kids explored the rocks and literally just instantly picked up where they left off since the last time they all had seen each other (which was probably months and months ago!)

We settled down for a picnic lunch.

And then enjoyed some games of freeze tag and Sharks and Minnows.

Did I mention it was Mother's Day!? This Cliff Mama is one of my all time favorites, but don't tell her I told her. It goes right to her head.

Tree climbing is a must on Cliff!

Can you even stand it!? 

We played some more games of hide and seek before heading off to our next adventure.

We took a stroll to drop off our stuff and get some water...

And visit this cute little bunny.

And snuggle with some chickens.

Kisses for the bun-bun!

Next up... visiting the Cliff Island School! Look at their sweeeeet playground!

And this awesome school garden.

We got some kale and arugula to snack on... 


Man, we were jealous of their set-up!

Slide fun!


Time to head inside!

Adorable school house!

With lots of adorable kids!

Pig pile in the schoolhouse!

Awesome school mural!

Time for a bike ride (please note the license plate!)

What a motley crew!

Cliff's beaches reminded me of Matinicus!

Just gorgeous!

We looked for shells, laughed, and made sand castles!

That about sums up my feelings about Cliff!

Cute little blondies!


And just silly!

Time for another hike to check out their ball field!

Nice digs!

And they had ANOTHER playground there! 

My guys were in seventh heaven!

Time for some capture the flag... obviously!

After A LOT of playing it was time to head to the Town Hall for a pancake supper our pals has organized for us... are we lucky or what!?

Free rides for cute babies!

This guy totally runs the ship.


Town Hall!

I love them all.

Some wrestling before dinner.

And some resting.

Time to make the pancakes.

And sausages!

Setting the table!

Super Mom!

Mmmm.... looks good!

A quick game a telephone before dinner time!

Two thumbs up for pancakes!

Yep, he likes them!

With homemade maple syrup that the Cliff Island School tapped from their very own trees!

He likes them.

She does too!

Dalton going in for the taste test.

Quinny approves.


Before we knew it... it was time to head home on the evening ferry.

But not before taking just a FEW more pictures. This super cool teenager just LOVED how many pictures I liked to take of her :)

Not a bad way to go visit our friends.

Bye Cliff Island! Thanks for a GREAT visit!!! Can't wait to come back again soon!!!

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