Friday, June 22, 2012

End of Year TLC PARTY!!!!

Our amazing TLC student council organized a fabulous end of year TLC party on the Tanberg as a final celebration with our TLC teachers and classmates!

We asked people to wear their TLC shirts... it is pretty cool that we can have a dress code for our virtual parties!

Dalton welcomed everyone for the last time as our el presidente'! What a great TLC leader he has been.

We started the party with a slide show I put together from pictures from the last two years of the TLC. It was pretty sweet.

It was fun to look at all the pictures together and think about how extremely lucky we all have been to be apart of this amazing project and participate in such ridiculously fun and memorable events!

After the slide show we played a fun TLC trivia game. In the past when we have played virtual games we split up into different groups according to schools because it is easier, but this time around we had our first ever inter-island teams! It took some coordinating and planning ahead but man, it was fun! 

We had a yellow team, blue team, and green team! (Yep, those are our TLC colors! We are pretty cute, I know.)

The game was kind of our version of "Catch Phrase." Every student and teacher had a word or phrase that had to do with the TLC that they needed the rest of their team to guess WITHOUT saying any part of the word or phrase.

The point of the game was to try to get your team to guess all their words and phrases in the fastest time. I have to say I have no recollection of what team won... but I do know that we had a great time. Thank goodness for our Tanberg!

And thank goodness for Skype... Anne was having some issues getting onto our conference call so she was able to skype in with me to join the party!

After our fun game we had a "recognition ceremony" for all the TLC grades. We had the kids in different grades stand up in front of their TLC peer, who gave them all a roaring round of applause... ending with our graduating 8th graders. Man, we are going to miss them so much.

To end or ceremony we spent some time sharing what the TLC has meant to us over these last two years.

The answers were sweet and real. The kids talked about how the TLC has made them see school differently and how they now feel like they have friends. One student stated that the TLC means everything to them and another said how sad they would be if the TLC ever stopped. 

We finished with one big TLC virtual hug. What an amazing experience these kids have had because of this little project. We are just so proud to be apart of it.

We OF COURSE ended our celebration with a FINAL TLC DANCE PARTY!!! I made a special mix for the occasion. It was epic and the PERFECT way to end our year with our TLC friends!
 We love you all soooooo much!

And take a peek at our TLC slide show. It has been an amazing journey!

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