Monday, June 11, 2012

TLC Celebration of Learning

On Kickball Eve (I am pretty sure that is a national holiday) we had another very special school event. Our TLC's Celebration of Learning!

You can kind of think of it in terms of a virtual open house! The five island school's of the TLC invited their friends and family to come to school to see short presentations by each of the schools that were broadcast via the Tanberg!

It was pretty cool to share presentations with not just our community but four other island communities as well!

The TLC kids had voted on a couple of student representatives to be the MCs for the event!

The Ashley Bryan School started us off with a presentation about the off -sland swimming lessons they have been taking.

They explained what they were working on their lessons and important safety tips to remember when swimming!

We even got to see some footage of them while they were in the pool.

Next was the Cliff Island School presentation. They shared a favorite video they created from our solar system unit and also a movie they made about our spring book groups!

Then there was the Isle au Haut School's presentation. Each one of the boys from that school talked about a different special project their school had done over the year.

They showed some of their beautiful art work.

And some props they were working on for a play.

And even their musical instruments they are learning how to play! Too cool.

The Matinicus Island School showed a short documentary film they created about their island's recycling program! It was really awesome and fun to see some familiar faces on the film!

Last but not least, it was time for the Monhegan School to present. Margaret started us off sharing some information about her Volcano project she completed in science this year.

She also read a book she had made about our Boston field trip!!!

Quinn recited a poem that he had written in writing class that he did not get  a chance to share at the poetry slam.

And Dalton shared one of the funny movies we created during our solar system unit from earlier in the year.

We ended the night with a wonderful slide show of pictures that Ms. Rogers from Matinicus had put together for us!

It was filled with great pictures from our TLC trip to Boston!

We sure do love the TLC!!! 

It was a great night to celebrate both learning and the great work we do in the TLC! Thanks to all who participated!!!

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