Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Final Book Groups of the Year!

We finished up our Spring Book groups last week with final projects!

Quinn had a great time in his book group lead by a new teacher on Swan's Island. It was really fun having new kids in his group and a new teacher (who just happens to be a really cool GUY) lead it. Quinn made a super awesome comic strip for his final book group project that included the major plot line, characters, climax, and resolution of the book... coooool!

Margaret had a great final meeting with her kindergarten book group! They LOVED reading Charlotte's Web together! What a great story and a great bunch of kids to appreciated it.

My final book group with the olders was awesome! They created some fabulous final projects to share about the major themes of the crazy novel "Going Bovine!"

Meg made a really awesome "movie poster" that illustrates many of the main characters along with major themes of the book like love and friendship.

Dalton designed this detailed cover for the book that mimics on of the famous posters for Star Wars. He actually then wrote a narrative comparing and contrasting the major themes and plot lines of Star Wars and this novel... it was pretty cool.

Another member of our group made this AWESOME stop animation film that focused one of the major events on the book! It was so funny and creative. What talented kids we have!

Thanks for another great round of book groups! They are always a highlight of our work with the TLC!

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