Friday, June 8, 2012

Kickball Preparations!

After we returned home from our marathon field we jumped in to kickball preparations... full tilt and bogey! 

As 8th grader, Dalton was in charge or writing the rules for the game which included no stealing bases, refs rule, and no bribing Billy B. with potato chips.

We had to create the awards we always give out at the end of kickball. I found these cool glasses at the craft store and thought they would make some super special awards for some super special people!

We also wanted to make awards for every team so people felt special no matter what place they came in.

Quinn made the fourth place awards the coolest so that even if you came in last place on kickball day... it was worth it!

Margaret was on glitter duty... adding lots of extra sparkle to the awards. 

Busy worker bees.

We also had a special plan of how we were going to create the teams this year. We wanted to have everyone draw bandanas out of a bag and whatever color bandana they got would be the color team they were on.

So that meant we needed to dye some bandanas.

And obviously that meant... TIE DYE!

Margaret was in charge of green dye.

Dalton was on yellow duty.

Then some blue.

And red.

Sunshine-y yellow!

Fire red.

Sky blue.

And island green :)

Isn't Millie so cute in the background!?

Colorful stuff happening.

We added some special "accents" to make them more like tie-dye.

Caught red handed.

I love tie dyed hands.

And tie dyed picnic table.

We waited for the sun to come out to hang our finished products.

Dalton was on laundry hanging duty.

Beautiful blue color!


He is so resourceful.

We ran out of room on our laundry lines... so we thought the flag pole would come in handy.


They looked like prayer flags. I loved it!

Pretty and colorful school.


And ta-da!!! We have our bandanas! Now it is time to play some kickball!

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