Monday, June 11, 2012

8th Annual Kickball Day!!!

After a lot of prepping and planning and excitement the day had finally come for our 8th ANNUAL kickball day!!!! The weather had looked temperamental all week long but when I woke up on kickball morning the rain clouds had held off and the fog had rolled in... but who minds a little fog on kickball day!? We BRING our OWN sunshine!


We had our FABULOUS kickball shirts all laid out. The kids really did an amazing job this year designing these shirts... I have to say they are my personal favorites :)

Special kickball cake and cupcakes to match!

Traditional kickball pictures!

Our last kickball! Boooo hooooo!

Happy kickball girls!

Awww, kickball hugs.

We were killing some time before the first kickball participants arrived!

I had been planning my last kickball outfit for months!

Love my school!

Finally the troops started coming in. We had people pick out their shirts and then pick a bandana from a bag to find out which team they would be on.

Once they got assigned to a team they were put to work!

Every team had a specific to-do list to accomplish before they would be ready to head up to the field!

Time to get busy!

Making signs.

Hey wait a minute, is that THE Wolfie Boegel!??? He came all the way from Rockland for this historic event!

Billy B. already trying to bribe the kickball organizers!

Our amazingly dedicated refs arrived and started working on their sign.

Ref hat.

She takes her job VERY seriously.

More team work.

Pretty cheerleader... representing all the team colors.

Face paint time!


I mean, everyone loves face paint!

More bandana picking!

After all the teams accomplished their lists and we went over the rules of the day we headed up to the ball field for the first two games of the morning.

To start us off... we had each of the teams share their cheers!!! 
What good sports :)

The Burroughs brothers were going to go head to head in the first game. A little rock, paper, scissors to figure out who would kick first!

Let's go Blue Thunder!!!

The first kick of the day! Boom! Boom! Pow!

The Krafty American Singles sign!

Crazy pitcher... not a belly itcher!

Ohhhh.... missed it.

Score keeper and a little helper!

Action on the field!

Huddle up!

Inside the circle!

Back of our shirts! Soooooo cool!
 (Did you know it was the year of the dragon!)

Miss M looked like a super hero out in that field!

A little one up to kick!

Good kick by Quinny!

Pretty kickball warrior mama!

BIG kickers.



Ut oh.... safe?

Running to third.

Action shot!

Cute ref.

Advice from the side lines.


Red Rockets!

Jes is rocketing around the field!

Ladies on the sideline.


Ut oh... Weber took out one of the refs.

But she is "tuf."

Cheering section!

Who has it!?


Good game!

Blue thunder came in first for the first round of games...

Next up.... the Crafty American Singles verses...

the String Beans!

Stanley was ready to watch the battle!

Kickballers of all sizes.

Miss M's big kick!

Love this picture.

Bird's eye view.

More cheering.

This guys was going for the "dirtiest player" award.

Dalton and Donga!

Oh no.... Teacher got a yellow card! But at least it went with my team colors.

Happy people.

Happy dog. 
(Kickball day is Millie's favorite day of the year since there is a swamp right next to the ball field that she gets to hang out in alllll day long!)

After two great games it was time to head back to school for our cookout lunch!

They could SMELL the delicious food.

Yellow card gang.

Mmmm.... look at that nutritious lunch!

The grill masters.

Time to eat!

Waiting for some burgers!

Re-applying of the face paint!

Now that is trust.

Such a fun day.

Face painters.

We had some lunch time entertainment! 

Everyone loves face paint!

Mama/son shot.

Wolfie found the dress up box!

We realized that the dress up box would be a PERFECT addition to our afternoon games! 
(Every school should have a dress up box, just saying!)

After filling our tummies it was back up to the field for the final games!

But first... we needed to access that dress up box!

Look what treasures they found!

The new and improved "Krafty American Singles!"

Costumes make everything better.

Nice hat.

Is that Elvis!?


Strike a pose. 

Hahaha! I love this picture.

I always feel good when I am wearing leopard print!


Afro-man is SAFE!

Good looking sidelines!

Battle of the hats.

Can't help but smile!


The wind was in his hair. 

The teacher was starting to loose it!

The score board even got dressed up!

Best score keeper in the world!

Nice burns.

Before we knew it... it was time for the final game of the day!

We had a lot of great kickers!

And the excitement was high!

But in the end... Blue Thunder took the cake.

Final kick! 

It was an AWESOME final game!

And an all around AWESOME day!

At the end of the day we gave out the final awards...

Best dressed went to Maeve!

Brownell got his wish... dirtiest player!

Miss M got Most Improved.

Field Jester!

Billy B. trying to bribe the score keeper to change the final score... it almost worked.

Our handsome alumni... who ended up playing ALL FOUR GAMES!!!



Royal score keeper!

Looking fine.

Best Cheerleader!

Best ref!

Lead Foot Award!

Best Play!

And Best Sportsmanship!

 It was the kickball day of all kickball days! I fell asleep that night with sore muscles, a full heart, and a huge smile on my face. Thank you to all our kickball participants!!! You guys sure know how to have a good time! May kickball live on forever :)

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