Monday, June 4, 2012

Plimouth Plantation, Mayflower II, AND arcade!!!

On our second day in Boston we had an exciting day planned at the Plimouth Plantation!

Our Captain Kai scoped out the map for us... it is good that someone was making a plan.

In the morning we visited the Wampanoag Homesite and talked to the Native People there who taught us about their beautiful homes, weapons, and other tools.

This is a traditional bark covered long house, or nush wetu, meaning a house with three fire pits inside!

We gathered inside to talk with the Native People there who were tending the fire.

We passed around different tools and weapons that the Native People had made. The cool thing about the staff in the Wampanoag homesite is that they are not role players like in the rest of the Plantation. They are Native people, either Wampanoag or from other Native Nations who offer real, current perspectives about the Wampanoag's way of life both in the 17th century and in today's world. 

We got to hold a gorgeous bow and arrow and stay warm by the fire as it rained outside.

After a soggy morning we headed inside to the cafeteria for lunch! 

All of this field tripping sure does make for hungry kids!

After lunch we headed to the 17th Century English Village.

We first came to the "Town Hall" where the English settlers gather for town meetings, church service, and even court procedures. 

The building also housed the town's cannons to protect the village from any intruders.

Time to head into the 17th Century!
The Captain watched us go!

See ya, Captain.

In the Village we met some really interesting English villagers who taught us ALL about living in the 17th century.

They were very hospitable... allowing the kids to make themselves at home (maybe even too much so!)

We got to meet the Pastor of the village. 

And chat with the local ladies, boy did they have some good gossip back in the 17th Century.

Ms. Donna got to sit and trade stories with the ladies, since she was the only one in our bunch who was married... which made her MUCH more dignified then us single folk.

The boys tending the garden.

And  Ms. Margaret feeding the livestock.

We also checked out the Craft Center where local craftsmen and women worked on beautiful, handmade products for the Plantation's gift shop.

Taking a rest before heading to the Mayflower II.

Time to say goodbye to the animals.

Our next stop was the Mayflower II! All aboard!

Cute little sailors.

It was really a beautiful vessel.

Exploring the ship!

Lots to look at!

Master's Quarters.

We met a woman who had traveled with her family across the Atlantic on the Mayflower.

She told many stories of what it was like to be aboard the ship for over 10 weeks with her young children and husband!

Exploring the lower level "hold" where all the food and other supplies were stored.

We met this young sailor who tried to convince Dalton that drinking beer was safer than drinking water on this vessel!

After our FULL day in the 17th century... it was time to take a major leap forward to the 21st century as we headed to a fun night at a local arcade!!!

We had a super greasy pizza party waiting for us when we arrived.

The kids didn't mind the grease at all!

Mmm... that drink is almost as big as him!

After we filled our bellies we were lucky enough to get a chance to play laser tag as a big group!

For someone who had never played before, it was QUITE the experience!

These guys mean business.

Is that Anne Bardaglio or a laser gun warrior princess?!? Hard to tell.

TLC takes over Laser Tag...

SO COOL! What a fun time for us all! We are just so fortunate to have all these fun experiences together. What amazing memories we are creating!

After laser tag it was time to play some GAMES!

Everyone got 50 tokens and it was just like a Wild Rumpus in that Arcade for the next hour!

I mean, what kid wouldn't love being let loose in an arcade for a night!?

Happy little faces.

Maybe a little TOO happy!? Nahhh.

Even the teachers were in on the fun!

Skee Ball Queen!

Tickets galore!

Mrs. G and I busting a move.

Holloway vs. Holloway!

Best night ever!

All smiles after another amazing day in B-town.


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