Monday, June 4, 2012

Marathon Field Trip: Final Phase... HOMEWARD BOUND!

On our last morning we had to wake up bright and early to catch out bus back home! We got in some last snuggles.

And I got in some last time in with the Captain.

 The bus ride was quick for some of us... our amazing TLC coordinator and field trip planner was exhausted and finally allowed to get some shut eye! She deserved it.

Anne... we don't know how you did it, but thank you for the absolute BEST field trip EVER! We are SO lucky to have you. The work you do for us is pretty stinkin' amazing and the TLC would never be what it is today without your extreme hard work and dedication! THANK YOU SO MUCH!

The boys and I got off in Portland with the Cliff crew while Margaret and her Mama took the bus back to Rockland with the rest of the TLC gang.

We had some final hugs and goodbyes.

It is always hard to say goodbye to our TLC friends.

But at least they did one final Flash Mob for us while we drove off.

What a send off.

That night the boys and I headed to Camden High School for a VERY special spaghetti dinner in honor of our pal, Zeke! We were all so exhausted from our crazy trip, but it was so great to see so many  familiar TLC faces and support Zeke and his family.

We crashed at Anne's house that night and headed back to Monhegan in the morning.

Our marathon field trip had finally come to an end. It was one for the books. Thank you to all who made it possible and thank you to my amazing students who couldn't be better travel companions. 
We are just so lucky.

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