Sunday, July 1, 2012

School Tear Down

One of our biggest end of year traditions is tearing down our school... well at least everything inside our school.

We have to pack up our entire school house every year in preparation for summer rentals. It used to be a horrible chore for the poor little teacher, but now that the kids are older it has been kind of a fun activity we do together the last few days of school.

This year we had an art show planned for the last week of school so we wanted to have everything cleaned up and off the walls so we had plenty of room for all of the kids' art!

That means it was time for the BINGO Wall of Fame to come down after FOUR YEARS!!! Wow! 

The boys were such a huge help getting everything taken down.

And look who came to supervise... one of our favorite Monhegan School alum, Gabbers!

It was also time to take down our History of Life on Earth Timeline... I loved that project.

But Quinn was pretty excited to tear it all down.

Dalton loves ripping down stuff! 

And what kid doesn't love standing on top of everything at the school?

Action shot... taking down the science bulletin board!

Lots of recycling!

Lots of work!

Thanks boys for helping tear everything down and packing everything up, you always make this process a whole lot more fun, especially this year when I would have probably been a big weeping mess if I had to do it on my own for the very last time.

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