Sunday, December 20, 2009

Candle Making

In preparation for the holidays, Donna brought in her candle making supplies so the boys would have something to give their loved ones for presents! We all quickly fell in love with candle making! There is something about hot wax that is just fascinating to people of ALL ages. I think the boys produced some spectacular candles that will make some Moms VERY happy this Christmas!

Our supplies.

Donna giving instructions.

The boys get to dig in.

We cut up little pieces of wax and put them in a hole we dug in sand.

THEN Donna poured hot wax in the hole with the broken pieces of wax and the hot wax took on the form of the hole we dug! HOW COOL IS THAT!? Plus, there were chunks of colored wax in the candle!

The hot wax is filling the hole.

The boys also got to make votive candles. They got to pick out a scent to add to the candles. The older guys put Wyatt in charge of picking a scent. I think he went with Jasmine.

Gabe mixed in the color and scent to the hot wax.

Next we poured the wax in the molds and waited for them to harden.

The finished products!

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