Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Monhegan Christmas

Well, I can't believe it! It is officially Christmas time! We have already made it through four months of school and now it is almost like we are going to be starting a new school year with Wyatt leaving us and Jorgie and Arlo coming. So many changes, so many good memories, and one great holiday season!

The morning of the play is traditionally just a big celebration at school. We have our gift exchange, play games, and just rest and relax to prepare ourselves for the big production that evening. This year we had a holiday breakfast prepared by Angela and myself. We feasted on homemade waffles, muffins, bacon, juice, and coffee (for the teachers of course). It was DELICIOUS! I think breakfast will be a new holiday tradition at school.

The gang eating some yummy breakfast.

Maya LOVES the holidays.

After breakfast it was time for our gift exchange. I remember my first year on Monhegan I was surprised to learn that we all got gifts for one another. I thought it was kind of crazy for all the kids to buy presents for each other AND their teachers, but then I realized how our school really is a family and it seems only natural that we would want to celebrate Christmas with each other by exchanging gifts. The best part is that the gifts these kids give to one another and to their teachers are so thoughtful because we all know each other so well. This year was probably the best Christmas I have had on Monhegan. The teachers requested homemade gifts and man did we get some amazing presents! It was a perfect celebratory morning.

Look at all the loot under that tree!

Gabe delivering gifts.

Maya got a present from Schooner! (It was a box full of tennis balls! What more could she ask for!?)

Gabe gave me a homemade quilt made by his mom! I am going to be nice and warm this winter.

Dalton got some cool new shirts from Gabe.


Gabe opening his gift!

Wyatt was pretty darn funny opening his gifts! He was SO excited! (We are going to miss that little boy VERY much!)

Wyatt gave Donna a picture he drew of her and Schooner!

Dalton got the new Battleship!

Dalton made me a shirt with Maya on it!!!!

I think the boys were more excited to give their gifts than receive them.

Donna got a shirt from Quinn with a chicken on it.

It sure looks like Christmas.

And of course we had to have a wrapping paper fight!

The teachers gave the kids (and ourselves) Monhegan School sweatshirts.

This is the back that says, "Where dork is the new cool." A quote from Mr. Dalton Burroughs.

These boys deserved a great Christmas and I think they got it.

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