Friday, December 4, 2009

Play Preparation!

The creatively brilliant Kathie presenting the kids with her ideas for the set. She even made a mini replica of the set out of little pieces of cardboard!

Time to install the frames!

Kathie and Dalton working to set up the frames.

Maya liked all the use of cardboard... at least she wasn't eating it!

The boys painting the set.

Getting close.

Our oldest and youngest working together... so stinking cute!

Donna giving a lecture about how to wash paint brushes!

It is December! I can't even believe it. This year is flying by. I wish I could slow it down because we are just having so much fun and I don't want it to ever end.

Our school is turning into a set design workshop as we prepare for our ever amazing Christmas play. I am telling you, these kids are professional thespians. In one week they have already memorized half of the play and our youngest actor, Mr. Wyatt Bracy, is asking to have MORE lines! 

The fantastic Kathie Ianicelli has been coming in on a daily basis to assist us with our set design. We have an amazing plan in place and I think we are going to pull off one awesome set. We don't want to give away the play, but I will leave you with some pictures of our set and props and see if you can piece together any kind of plot line! Let us know your hypothesis of what the play is about!

What kind of play has a pitch fork as a prop....

A scene taking place in a retirement home....

The need for an extremely big fish...

And involves a New York taxi cab!!??

Any guesses??

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