Sunday, December 13, 2009

December BINGO

Time to decorate some holiday cookies! Maya totally wants in.

Oh my goodness. YUMMY!

Our pretty little school.

It's BINGO time!

Even Maya was looking festive.

For the first time in BINGO history (and by that I mean in the last two years) we had a December BINGO. Usually December is just too crazy with the holidays and planning for the Christmas play to host BINGO as well, but this year we decided we could do it all.  In preparation, it was fun decorating and making holiday snacks. We strung lights and made Christmas cookies, which were to die for!

There was a great turn out and from the laughs and smiles I think everyone had a fantastic time. Some were more lucky than others of course. Robert Bracy won TWO rounds of BINGO and Pam Rollinger, during all her complaining that we were calling the same numbers, won a lovely winter "Welcome" banner! The shocker of the evening was that the long-time BINGO expert, Billy Boynton, did not will a single game! GASP! His response to the tragedy? "I guess I will need to practice more."

Who was the December champion, you ask? None other than our school board secretary and superb community member, Mr. Rich Shea. Good thing he has his lucky charm, little Miss Joesphine, to root him on!

Dalton checking Travis's numbers!

Happy little crowd.

Billy B. is looking determined.

D and Q passing out prizes.

Gabe and I having our traditional "Maya photo shoot" in the kitchen.

My turn with my little puppy.

Donna won the reindeer costume!

Pam won the "Welcome" sign. What a perfect prize!

And our December champion... RICH (and Joesphine) SHEA!

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