Friday, December 11, 2009

Open House

Quinn's Table

Our census data!

Photographer Donna!

Dalton looking like a businessman ready to present!

Dalton's Table

Wyatt's Table

Gabe's Table

Even Maya wanted to show off her space for Open House.

While most of the other schools in the state of Maine had a snow day this past Wednesday, the Monhegan School hosted their first open house of the year. I was amazed by all our fantastic community members who trudged through the snow and rain to come support the boys. I know the boys had a great time showing off their work from the trimester.

Each of the boys had their own table displaying their work. They each had "Please Notice" statements explaining certain items or documents they wanted the community to notice on their tables. We revealed the results from our Monhegan Census project and showed off Wyatt's amazing "Number Snake". Gabe, Dalton, and Quinn presented their robots they had been working on in Robotics and we got to see Quinn's volcano erupt! Overall, it was an awesome event and I have been on a proud teacher high all week because of it.

Gabe demonstrating how a tsunami works!

Dalton showing his photos he took during photography class.

Our community engrossed in student work!

Quinn showing the first robot he ever made!

Dalton's robot in action!

Even Quinny was in shock by his volcano eruption! Look at that face!

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