Monday, December 7, 2009

Hey! Hay! Hey!

Winter is settling in on island and that means the temperature is dropping, the snow is falling, and the ice grippers need to get strapped onto our boats. To prepare for the cold we needed to bank our school with hay in order to keep as much of the heat inside as possible. This is when having strapping young men as students comes in handy. I quickly put the boys to work and in no time at all we were ready for winter!

Maya didn't understand why we had to move the hay. She liked to use it as her throne to sit upon and protect the school!
But alas, we began moving the hay!

Gabe showed that hay who was boss!

Quinny and I worked together.

Then Quinn tackled some hay by himself.

And the hay won!

Dalton lost to the hay as well.

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